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The Social Media Wars

In an attempt to gather more exposure for the new blog and accompanying YouTube channel, I decided to give some attention to newer platforms. For the last few years, Instagram has become my go-to social media platform to primarily grow my audience. FaceBook has remained a great spot for me to connect mostly with friends and acquaintances. I also enjoy being a part of particular groups that are supportive and applicable to my life. Twitter, once a key component of my social media marketing, became one of the least effective means of making connections. My Tweets were no longer getting any traction. So, with my account now private, I have contemplated the option of deactivating the account all together.  In comes Threads...Instagram's answer to those frustrated with or walking away from Twitter, for whatever reason, yet who prefer a word-based expression. Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know that Threads set an unprecedented download record upon its inception. Thre

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