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The Simple Moments That Make Life Wonderful

Christmas time has a feel. Even in South Florida, where we typically have temperatures in the 80s, during the month of December, you can still feel Christmas.  The days are shorter, the homes are brighter, and people are a bit kinder toward one another.  After a long semester, the two week break was eagerly welcomed. The time off to simply do nothing was going to provide the renewing energy I needed to return to the classroom rested and energized for the new semester.  I always have such big plans for time off. I am going to read at least two books, get together with friends I haven't seen in a while, and binge some series I discovered on whatever streaming service I was currently subscribed to.  However, sometimes what we plan to do and what actually happens are two very different things.  The season did bring me joy, more so than the previous couple of years, but I was hit with a virus on day two of my vacation. This had me isolating on Christmas Eve, feverish and achy. A present

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